Simply Ballet exists to educate and inspire students in the art of Classical Ballet.

Welcome to Simply Ballet.

From your first step into the studio, a beautiful world of ballet lies ahead.  Creativity, expression, confidence, and joy await.

We specialise in teaching Classical Ballet – with supplementary classes such as body conditioning, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap also on offer.  Our dedicated focus allows us to offer a range of programs appropriate to different age groups including Preschool Classes from age 2, Children’s classes from age 7, dedicated Adult Ballet classes and Silver Swans® for ages 55+.   

The school offers the opportunity for students to undertake examinations and class awards through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) to help students train in classical ballet technique and feel a sense of achievement.

If you want to learn ballet, you want to learn at Simply Ballet.  It’s never too late to start…

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Which class is for you?

( For Ages 2 – 6 yrs )

From the first twirl and leap, your child is taking steps on their Preschool dance journey. 

Movement, music, and excitement fill the classroom as your child develops physical skills that encourage creativity, expression, and musicality. 

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Ages 7-16+

Following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, our children’s classes provide an enjoyable and enriching dance education.

Classes are designed to be engaging and exciting, whilst also developing strong classical ballet technique through a wholistic framework. 

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Simply Ballet was originally created for adults who wanted to learn ballet.  Simple. 

Move to beautiful music, challenging yourself, and find the fulfillment you always dreamed of – It’s never too late to start.

We are experienced at teaching adults and have flexible payment options to reflect an adult lifestyle.

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Ages 12+

Your chance to dance through 200 years of ballet history as you learn the steps and variations from iconic ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and Giselle amongst others.

Students can challenge themselves to achieve the virtuosity usually reserved for professional dancers.

Children’s and Adult classes available.

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Ages 12+ and adults. 

Simply Ballet’s body conditioning programs are designed to complement your ballet training, and provide an opportunity for fitness and strengthening outside of traditional gym classes or lifting weights. 

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Simply Ballet also offers complimentary dance styles in Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap.

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What do people say about
Simply Ballet?


"Definitely would recommend these classes to anyone considering trying ballet".


"It’s the best ballet class I’ve ever taken and I have tried a few! "


"I enjoyed every single class since I've started."


"Class was well-run and you can engage the students so well. Thank you very much!"


"Excellent, friendly class with focus on technique."


"I am loving the classes! Exactly what I was looking for"