Ballet shoes and headline Month to Month Plus

Introducing Month-to-Month-PLUS

We’re always trying to find more ways to help you get more ballet into your life – so we’re introducing Month-to-Month PLUS (M2M+)

Designed for those times when you have a free night or just want to stay for another class, M2M+ allows you to book extra classes on top of your current Month-to-Month booking, without changing your regular enrolment.

For example, if you’re normally enrolled for a ballet class, and decide one week you would like to stay for PBT – you can book the extra PBT class through your customer portal as a one-off and attend.  Or, you could add Contemporary on those weeks you’re free – whatever suits!

At the end of the month you’ll be invoiced for any extra classes you booked.

How does it work?

  • You have direct debit authorisation setup on your account
  • You have at least 1 x ongoing weekly class on month-to-month enrolment
  • Around the 15th of the month, you’ll receive an invoice for the next month for your regular enrolments (the same as you currently do). This invoice due on 1st of the month.
  • If, during that month you want to attend an extra class (of any kind – PBT, Contemporary, Jazz, extra Ballet etc), you’ll be able to ‘add and enrol’ yourself into those extra classes through your customer portal (subject to class availability!)
  • At the end of the month, you’ll receive another invoice for any extra classes you may have taken, this invoice is due 14 days later. If you take no extra classes, there’s no extra invoices.

M2M+ doesn’t affect any make-up classes you have available, and you’ll still save more by booking multiple classes upfront with a better discount.  Extra class bookings are also subject to spaces being available.  Permanent Month-to-Month bookings and Class Pack students will be given priority.  M2M+ is just for those extra times when you want to pop in and get those dancing shoes on!

You can start right now – just log on to your customer portal and set-up direct debit (if you haven’t already) and get dancing.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your direct debit just contact us

Terms and Conditions Month-to-Month-PLUS (M2M+)

  • These terms and conditions are in addition to your already accepted Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.
  • M2M+ classes can only be booked by customers with a valid direct debit authorisation, and no overdue invoices on their account.
  • Students must have a minimum of one (1) current, ongoing month-to-month enrolment in a class to access M2M+
  • M2M+ bookings are subject to class availability. Students with a permanent Month-to-Month booking or students on Class Pack will be given priority over M2M+ bookings.
  • Any booking not satisfying the M2M+ booking criteria will be cancelled.
  • Classes will be invoiced at the total rate of hours booked for that day/week starting from a base of 0 hours. For example, if you have 1 x 75minute class as your regular enrolment, and book an extra 75 minute class that week, you will be charged the fee schedule rate for 75 minutes for that extra class, not a total of 2.5 hours for that week.


You can log on to your portal and select My Account > Payment Details and set-up your direct debit with a bank account or credit card.  Alternatively, contact us and we’ll send you a direct link to do the setup.

There’s no need! Just book whatever classes you want to attend through your customer portal, and your class pack will keep track of your attendance.

Not a problem, just contact us 14 days before your next billing cycle to make any changes.

You’ll receive a make-up class for any missed classes, just like a regular enrolment.  There’s no credit or refunds for missed lessons, just the same as a regular enrolment.

Absolutely! M2M+ is designed for those times when you’ve got no make-ups left, but you want to come for an extra class.  Make-ups can be booked as usual through your customer portal.

Extra classes will be charged as per the fee schedule for how many minutes/hours you book that day.  For example, one extra 75 minute class will be billed at the rate for 75 minutes per week, or a 30 min class at the rate for 30 mins per week.

For example, if you have 1 x 75 minute class as your regular enrolment, and book an extra 75 minute class that week, you will be charged the fee schedule rate for 75 minutes for that extra class, not a total of 2.5 hours for that week.

Permanent Month-to-Month bookings and students on Class Packs will be given priority over M2M+ bookings.  You’ll need to contact us to see if there are any absences or unexpected spots become available.  Your booking wont be confirmed until you hear back from us.

You can mark yourself as absent through your customer portal and receive a make-up class, but if you need to unenroll you need to contact Simply Ballet 14 days before your next billing cycle.

Your Customer Portal

Your customer portal is the go-to place to find most administration things you need at Simply Ballet.  It’s your own personal log-in where you can update your details, see your invoices, notify us of an absence, or book a make-up class.

You can access your customer portal here

The first time you log-in you will need to set a password

How to book an Open Division Class or M2M+ booking

If you have purchased a class card and wish to book in for a class, or are doing a M2M+ booking you can do so through your Customer Portal

  1. Log in to your portal
  2. Click on Classes > Add Enrollments
  3. Select the student you wish to enroll using the top right hand corner drop down menu, and click ‘OK’
  4. Find the date or class you wish to attend and click Add
  5. Select the date/time you wish to take your class and follow the prompts to checkout
Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions

What else can I do in my customer portal?

  • Update your personal details and emergency contact
  • Update your customer and students details
  • Update your direct debit details
  • View past and future invoices
  • Enrol in classes
  • Book a make-up class
  • Notify us of your absence
  • Change you notification settings

and more!

Have questions? Just contact us and we’re happy to help.