Preschool dance

Dance To Your Own Tune

Ages 3 and 4 (Level 1 and Level 2)

From the first twirl and leap, your child is taking steps on their Preschool dance journey as they explore “Dance to Your Own Tune”.  Movement, music, and excitement fill the classroom as your child develops physical skills that encourage creativity, expression and musicality. 

This curriculum is fun and imaginative, and develops skills which prepare for a transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.

Children participating in “Dance to Your Own Tune” classes will learn to;

Students studying DTYOT may choose to participate in a Demonstration Class in front of a RAD Examiner and invited audience of family and friends as part of the school’s RAD examination sessions.  They can also take their first steps into the limelight as part of our annual performance. 

Put simply, this is preschool dance education that will start your child off on the right foot.

Pre-Primary in Dance

Recommended Age 5, or turning 5 by 1 May (Corresponds to Reception at school)

From their first ballet walk, Pre-Primary in Dance students learn to put their best foot forward.  This engaging and age-appropriate class continues to develop their musicality, physical skills and imagination.

Learning simple dance skills in fun settings makes progress enjoyable.  Imagination and expression are key learning areas alongside fundamental steps such as skipping, leaping, and spinning.

Students have the opportunity to undertake their Class Award in front of an RAD Examiner, receiving a Certificate and Medal.  Opportunity to perform as part of the end of year performance is also available.

Primary in Dance

Recommended Age 6, or turning 6 by 1 May (Corresponds to Grade 1 at school)

For the budding little dancer! Whether it’s chasing butterflies or dress-up dances, learning is a joyful and engaging process.

Classes are designed with imagination in mind to establish basic ballet skills, and build on the foundations acquired in Pre-Primary. This level is offered twice a week to strengthen technique.  

Primary students can undertake their first RAD Examination – and exciting and confidence building first step on their training journey.  The Class Award is also available for those studying once per week.

On successful completion of a course of study based on Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance, students will be able to:

Simply Ballet gives your child an enjoyable and comprehensive start to their dance journey, setting them on the right track to progress.

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