Graded Division Classes

Royal Academy of Dance Grades 1-8

Ages 7-16+

Ballet is what we do, and we are proud to offer high quality education and experience in ballet training.  Classes are designed to be enjoyable and exciting, whilst also developing strong classical ballet technique.  This includes stimulating a student’s sense of musicality and performance.

At Simply Ballet, students learn in an engaging and supportive environment to develop a solid classical ballet technique including:

Simply Ballet provides Classical Ballet training with structure and intent.  As a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Registered school, we are part of a worldwide dance community in over 89 countries.

Grades are generally taken in order from 1 – 8 giving students a carefully graduated framework to develop their skills, experience a sense of achievement, and create long lasting friendships.

Regardless of whether students choose to participate in assessments or not, the progressive and graduated curriculum allows learners to achieve a sense of accomplishment, and develop a love for the art of classical ballet.

Jazz, Tap & Contemporary

We don’t just offer ballet!

Students in the Graded Division have the chance to learn Comdance Tap Syllabus and participate in annual examinations.  Tap helps develop rhythm, musicality, and performance skills.  Jazz is  fun form of dance which teaches coordination, turning and jumping all set to current music.

Once students are confident in their Ballet technique, Contemporary is an extension into more free flowing and mature dance.

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Young ballet dancers onstage

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