Examinations and Assesments

Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher

Simply Ballet provides Classical Ballet training with structure and intent.  As a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Registered school, we are part of a worldwide dance community in over 89 countries.

Ballet is what we do, and we are proud to offer high quality education and experience in ballet training.  Classes are designed to be enjoyable and exciting, whilst also developing strong classical ballet technique through a wholistic framework.  This includes stimulating a student’s sense of musicality and performance.

The aims of the RAD Graded Examination include; 

  • Motivate students by providing a series of clearly defined goals
  • Provide teachers with a means by which to measure the individual progress of their students
  • Measure the acquisition of technical, musical and performance skills in ballet and related dance disciplines
  • Promote and encourage enjoyment of movement as a form of physical exercise

    (Royal Academy of Dance, 2020)

Regardless of whether students choose to participate in assessments or not, the progressive and graduated curriculum allows learners to achieve a sense of accomplishment, and develop an appreciation for the art of classical ballet.

Types of Assesments

RAD Examinations and Class Awards offer worldwide recognised qualifications that develop specific skills and outcomes, which can also be used as stepping stones to achieving SACE certificates, accessing tertiary or Higher Education.  Assessments exist in a number of formats to be adaptable to individual students’ goals.


Candidates prepare a series of prescribed exercises and dances to be presented to an examiner.

Candidates undertaking an Examination are assessed by a RAD Examiner against a set of pre-determined criteria across the areas of technique, music, and performance.  Students receive a mark, certificate, and medal as well as an internationally recognised qualification, but more importantly – a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Class Awards

Candidates prepare a series of prescribed exercises and a dance to be presented to an examiner

The assessment system for class awards is formative in nature rather than summative, and is intended to give broad overview of the candidate’s achievement and progress to date as observed by the examiner.  Class Awards are an excellent way for students to gain an insight into their progress, receiving a certificate and medal bringing a well-earned sense of achievement to their studies.

Solo Performance Awards

Candidates prepare a series of prescribed dances only to be presented to an examiner.

Solo Performance Awards (SPAs) consist only of a series of dances performed solo before an examiner.  SPAs are an opportunity for candidates to show different dances and styles, involve the use of costumes and props and challenge themselves while dancing in a solo environment.   Similar to Examinations in their assessment criteria, students receive a mark, certificate and bar as well as an internationally recognised qualification.

For more information, see the RAD’s quick reference guide here

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