Thank you for booking a trial class at Simply Ballet

You should have received a confirmation email for your booking.  (If you can’t find it – please check your spam folder).  This will have your class date, time and level.  There is also a link to complete any remaining details we might need before your trial class.

Here’s everything you need to know before coming to your trial class

Finding the Studio

Classes are held at King George Hall, 4A Koongarra Court, Magill 5072. There is free parking available onsite.  Aim to get to the studio around 5-10 mins before the start of your class if possible.  The closet bus stops are Stop 23 – Moules Rd and Stop 24 – Glen Stuart Rd.

Enter through the door closest to the car park, next to the sign.  Come through to the dressing room, which is the stage area of the hall – you can wait here if a previous class is still running. 

You might want to take a moment to take your child to the toilet before class begins.  You can also help them put on their dance shoes (if you have some). When it’s time for class to start, your teacher will come and collect your child from the waiting room.  They should take their bag into the dance studio with them. 

If your child is nervous or has trouble settling, you may come in to the studio with them to begin.  Most children are soon absorbed in the excitement of dancing with their new friends, and you can return to the dressing room to wait.

While your child is in class we can answer any questions you may have, and we can chat through things like Sports Vouchers, Uniform and class options.  After class, please come through the studio to collect your child and exit the hall via the side door.

What should my child wear?

If your child already has dancewear, whatever coloured leotard and tights/socks you already have is fine.  

If your child doesn’t have any dancewear – wear clothes that will allow their arms and legs to move freely and doesn’t cover their feet such as; 

  • Shorts, Leggings, or footless tights
  • Fitted T-shirt or singlet
  • Cotton socks (not synthetic, as they are generally too slippery)

Ballet Shoes are available to purchase at the studio, but cotton socks are perfectly fine for your trial class. 


Hair should be be secured in a way that it will not move during class, especially during bending or turning movements.  This applies for both male and female students.  A ponytail is usually not sufficient for this so you may want to consider a bun, a braid with the end pinned up, or another style. 

If you don’t know how to do a ballet bun, that’s ok – wrap a ponytail around its own elastic a few times and secure with some bobby pins or another elastic.

What if my child cries, runs around, or is nervous?

(Dance To Your Own Tune and above only)

Rest assured, our teachers are trained and experienced in dealing with this.  In most instances the teacher will be able to re-engage your child quickly with an exciting activity.  We ask that you avoid trying to intervene as it can disrupt other students.  If we are not able to settle your child, we will bring them out to you or an assistant with sit quietly with them at the side of the room.  Sometimes it can take a week or two for some students to feel comfortable – this is normal for ages 6 and under.

Is there anything else I need to bring?

If your child’s class is 45 minutes or longer, we suggest they have a small water bottle.  In hot weather students are required to have their own drink bottle as per our hot weather policy.  In 30 minute classes a drink bottle is generally not needed.

COVID, Coughs, and Colds

Simply Ballet is a COVID-safe environment and at times has students in class who may be vulnerable to illness. 

Barres are cleaned between each class and hand sanitizer is available in all areas.  Please make use of hand sanitizer and wipes as needed.  Students are encouraged to wash their hands before and after class and may wear a mask in class if they want.

We ask that you or your child do not attend if you are unwell for any reason.  Just get in contact to reschedule your trial class.

We enjoyed the trial class – what do I do now?

That’s great news!  Welcome to the family.

Just let us know that you would like to go ahead with classes and we can complete your enrolment from our end.  We’ll send you details on how to claim your Sports Voucher for up to $100 towards your fees (if eligible).  You can then attend the next available class.

We look forward to having you along to experience Simply Ballet for yourself and if you have any questions in the meantime just contact us

We look forward to meeting you at the studio soon to start your ballet adventure!

Kind regards,

The Simply Ballet Team